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Our office is first and foremost about providing pain relief for you, as fast as possible. After all, that’s why patients like you pick up the phone and call our office!

The pain you are experiencing may be interfering with some or all of your daily activities, like simple bending, dressing or pain with changing positions from sitting to standing. So, our first order of business is to get a through case history of your main complaint.

There are some patients that arrive at our office in varies states of discomfort. Some require:

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Emergency care due to a fall or accident

Acute care from a new episode less that one month old

Chronic care from older injuries or conditions which involve multiple episodes over months or years which usually have progressed to a state of constant pain.

Rehabilitative care designed for patients who need help strengthening their spine and encouraging strong posture exercises to minimize re-occurrences.

Our spinal exam is done to check the overall function of the individual vertebral joints that make up your spine. Then with any necessary x rays, we will be able determine the cause of your condition and discuss possible solutions to resolve your pain and get you functioning better as fast as possible. If your goal is to minimize re-occurrences, we may suggest lifestyle changes especially, if you have underlying chronic problems, like disc degeneration, arthritis or severe curvatures.

Obviously if it is a condition we cannot help you with we will recommend the right Dr. for you to go to.

We are also happy to talk to you about ways to change your posture if necessary with specific strong
posture exercises to strengthen your spinal muscles and stretch tight ones.

We all know habits shape our lives and our, “postural habits”, the way we sit, stand and carry ourselves, shape our spines. Alexander Pope said it best in 1783, “As the twig is bent, so grows the tree”.

So, once you are feeling better, your ranges of motion if your spine are within their normal limits most patients are released to as needed care or those with chronic underlying problems may need periodic care.

We have same day appointments and walk-ins are always welcome! Call today for neck and back pain
relief without drugs or surgery.

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