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If you’re looking for a chiropractor in Brookhaven, MS, we’re glad you chose us at Giust Chiropractic Care. Our lead chiropractor, Dr. Mark Giust, studied at the University of Cincinnati and Kansas City, Kansas’ Cleveland Chiropractic College, where he earned his Doctor of Chiropractic degree.

Whether you want a lower back pain chiropractor or you want to get on the path to wellness, we think you’ll find a service for you when you come to Giust Chiropractic Care.

Our Professional services start with 4 basic office policies which are designed to help the doctor determine what is wrong, can we help you, and how long will it take to resolve, or will the patient need co-treatment with their primary care physician.

services offered by our brookhaven chiropractor

These include:

Consultation with the Doctor to review your history of your current
complaint and of any pertinent past history of falls accidents or traumas.

Examination of your spine or related joints to locate or detect any
spinal joint misalignments and accompanying muscle spasms or tension, localized
inflammation or swelling, neurological deficits or pinched nerves. This might also include any necessary x-rays
to rule out the existence of degenerative disc, arthritis, abnormal curvatures
or reasons not to treat.

Treatment. If our Consultation and Exam validate any vertebral
joint misalignments we will review with you our findings and explain any
recommendations for treatment and results we can expect. So, if we can help you
we will tell you and if we cannot we will refer you to the appropriate Doctor.
And in some cases, we can co-treat with your Primary Care Physician.

Our main service as a Chiropractor is Spinal Adjusting

This involves a very specific method of moving a vertebral joint to a better position in relation to the vertebra above and below.

How the adjustment is done, where it is done and knowing when NOT to Adjust are what make a good Chiropractor

The first two services, Consultation and Examination, are necessary for the doctor to arrive at a diagnosis and prognosis and recommendations for care which will be in line with your goals from the original consultation.

Education: Lastly is education, because it makes sense to discuss
any lifestyle changes which may be appropriate to speed your recovery and minimize
any reoccurrences.

All Treatments and therapies are recommended to assist the patient in returning to as near normal state of health, improve all range of motions, improve all activities of daily living and minimize stress and its effect on your health.

Our Services

Here is an overview of our services. Please contact our chiropractor in Brookhaven, MS, Dr. Giust, if you have any further questions.

• Deep tissue laser therapy: There are two variations of laser therapy for greater pain relief. The first, deep tissue laser therapy, makes use of Class IV lasers in short sessions (about 10 minutes) to reach the soft tissue and treat inflammation, swelling, and pain.

The second, deep tissue laser by light force, is a somewhat different treatment. This one induces photobiomodulation, which repairs soft tissue through cellular rebuilding.

• Decompression therapy: Spinal decompression therapy requires a specialized table to promote healing, treat facet joint and spinal disc pressure, and ease pain.

• Physiotherapy: Physiotherapy includes custom foot orthotics, spinal decompression therapy, exercise rehabilitation, cryotherapy, mechanical traction, and inferential electrical muscle stimulation.

• Postural and spinal screenings: These screenings can be used to address issues with the posture and spinal positioning. If your chiropractor thinks your posture or spinal positioning may cause back and neck pain, hip pain, plantar fasciitis, or heel spurs, they will suggest treatment.

• Nutritional counseling: Losing weight can often lessen back and neck pain. Through our nutritional counseling program, you can learn about the foods that nourish your body and discover wellness.

• Lifestyle advice: From overcoming dieting hurdles to learning the right form while exercising, these are just some of our lifestyle advice services.

• Corrective exercises: Under the supervision of our chiropractor, you can engage in corrective exercises. These address issues with spinal positioning, muscle or soft tissue injuries, and inflamed joints.

• Chiropractic care: Through manipulations, adjustments, and other chiropractic techniques, Dr. Giust can treat your pain so you can get back to the life you love.

Holistic treatment such as chiropractic care can lessen pain, swelling, and inflammation in the back, neck, hips, shoulders, head, and just about any other part of the body. Chiropractic care is not about masking symptoms, but rather uncovering the root cause of pain and treating it so these symptoms disappear.

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