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  • Supporting Spinal Health
    You've only got one spine. Take great care of it with supportive chiropractic care.
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Greetings From Our Chiropractor in Brookhaven, MS

We're delighted that you've chosen to visit the official website for Giust Chiropractic Center. On behalf of our chiropractor in Brookhaven, MS. Dr. Mark Giust, our entire team wants to welcome you to our clinic so you can explore the wealth of natural health, wellness, and rehabilitation options we offer. Once you become acquainted with our services, techniques, and standards of patient care, we're confident that you'll want to make Giust Chiropractic Center your family's primary care "home base" for life.

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Getting to Know Our Brookhaven Chiropractor

Skill, experience, and a genuinely caring attitude are all critical factors when you're selecting a Brookhaven chiropractor, and you'll find that our practitioner leaps to the top of the list on all three counts. Dr. Mark Giust founded Giust Chiropractic Clinic in 1995 after many years at Hattiesburg's Peavey Chiropractic Clinic, where he served as the head staff doctor. A graduate of Cleveland Chiropractic College, Dr. Giust has also been deeply involved in the Mississippi Chiropractic Association since 1994, serving not only as District 3 representative but also as the association's secretary. As a fixture of the Brookhaven community, Dr. Giust's reputation and skills have enabled our clinic to enter its third decade of service as a trusted health and wellness provider.

Safe, Natural Services for a Happier, Healthier Life

Giust Chiropractic Center is the natural choice for individuals and families seeking to improve (or maintain) their everyday comfort and physical function without relying on drugs or invasive procedures. Our Brookhaven chiropractor makes use of multiple services and techniques, each of them completely safe and drug-free, which complement each other to bring you "whole-body" health. Instead of just dulling the immediate surface symptoms of a health problem, our techniques correct the root of that problem for more satisfying and meaningful results. You and your loved ones may benefit greatly from services such as:

• Chiropractic adjustment - Chiropractic adjustment can normalize your musculoskeletal alignment, resulting in pain relief, better joint motion, and improved nerve function for systemic wellness.

• Spinal decompression therapy - Our non-surgical spinal decompression uses gentle flexion-distraction force to take pressure away from sensitive nerve tissues, relieving neurological issues.

• Cold laser therapy - Our advanced Class IV laser therapy can stimulate tissue healing, relieve pain and reduce swelling with no need for pharmaceuticals.

• Physiotherapy - We offer a variety of physiotherapy techniques to help you come back from an injury or manage chronic ailments.

• Corrective exercises - Corrective exercises help to ensure that you rehabilitate an injury or musculoskeletal weakness as effectively as possible.

• Lifestyle and nutritional recommendations - We can help you eat better and live better, whether you're recovering from a health problem or just trying to keep fit.

You've Found Your Family Chiropractor Near Brookhaven, MS

Your search for a top-quality family chiropractor near Brookhaven, MS is over. Call 601-833-8100 or schedule an online appointment so you can talk to us in person!

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  • Dr.
    Mark Giust
    Dr. Giust, (pronounced JUST), received his bachelor degree from the University of Cincinnati and his Doctor of Chiropractic degree from Cleveland Chiropractic College in Kansas City, Missouri in January 1985. He was the head staff Doctor at the Peavy Chiropractic Clinic in Hattiesburg for nine years before opening Giust Chiropractic Center in Brookhaven, MS in 1995. Currently he is the District #6 representative to the Mississippi Chiropractic Association since 2001 and previously held the position of Secretary of the Association from 1994-1999. He is a member of the Lincoln County Chamber of Commerce and the Better Business Bureau of Mississippi.
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Reviews By Our Satisfied Patients

    I started seeing Dr. Giust because of neck pain. I had been hurting for about a month. The pain was so bad that I could not turn my my head to the left without pain. At first I was nervous about being adjusted, but now I look forward to seeing Dr. Giust. Now I can turn my head without any pain. I am also told that I have better posture!

    Judson Griffin | Patient Since August 2014

    I went in feeling in really bad suffering from an old injury. I was thinking surgery would be my only option. I couldn't even put my own shoes on I was in so much pain. Dr Guist fixed me up in a short amount of time. I highly recommend his practice. His staff is really nice too.

    Lisa Patterson

    Great chiropractor. Very thorough. Not only has he decreased my back pain but set me on a path of keeping it away. He even recommended some great material to help me lose some weight.

    Nick Smith

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